Walking in the Light

Nov 7, 2021    Easton Brock

a) Why is it important that John starts this passage of Scripture off with a declaration about who God is?

b) What are the two benefits of walking in the light, according to the text? What do these mean?

c) **This is a chance, to be honest and transparent!** — do you usually feel like you must brace
yourself when you come to church (or to a church function, like small group), or do you feel a level
of relief? Why or why not? What do you think would need to change for it to be a place of relief
rather than stress?

d) How does Jesus being our Advocate help us be honest and vulnerable with one another?

One Thing: Think of one person you can ask to meet with you to talk about what’s really going on in your life,
then actually ask them! Ask God for the courage to walk in the light with them and to experience the deep
fellowship and felt forgiveness it creates.